Saturday, September 16, 2006

Got Meat?

The One-upmanship Factor:
Get one up on Johnny.  Buy prime cuts of meat at half price and
use them strategically at social events.

The Application:
Its the pre-game cookout and Johnny proudly throws his burgers and brats on the grill. You coolly toss on a half-dozen New York Strips.

The G2:
Supermarkets have to get rid of a lot of their perishable goods. They play games with some of their goods such as shuffling older eggs into cartons of fresher eggs, or un-packaging and mixing older (and grey) hamburger meat with fresh red hamburger meat then repackaging it.

Prime cuts of meat that are about to reach their expiration date can be purchased at a huge discount – often at half price. Many supermarket chains designate one or more days a week to offer this meat at a discount. One 24 hr. supermarket chain in Atlanta used to slash their soon-to-expire meats just before midnight every Tuesday.

The Tactics:
Approach any young supermarket stock clerk and ask him/her if and when the soon-to-expire meats are offered at a reduced price. Chances are they will be happy to divulge this information. The more people that buy this meat the less work it will be for store employees.

The Resource Pool:

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